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23/12/2021Long read: winter vaccination for inclusion health groupsGOV.UK
21/12/2021Feeling unwell? What to doMid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership
03/12/2021Five years of the UK Public Health Rapid Support TeamGOV.UK
02/12/2021REACT – The COVID-19 study helping piece together the bigger pictureGOV.UK
17/11/2021Raising awareness about AMR: toolkits for healthcare professionalsGOV.UK
22/10/2021State of Care 2020/21CQC
20/05/2021Public Health England StatisticsGOV.UK
19/05/2021Care continuity between midwifery and health visiting guidanceGOV.UK
13/05/2021Care Quality Commission NewsCQC
07/05/2021Excess mortality in English regionsGOV.UK
07/05/2021Excess Mortality Data in EnglandGOV.UK
21/04/2021Public Health England StatisticsPHE
13/04/2021Essex County Council Update including changes to services during the roadmap out of lockdown Essex County Council
01/04/2021Life expectancy in England in 2020GOV.UK
26 March 2021Taking place-based action to reduce health inequalities and build back better and fairerGOV.UK
11 November 2020 
Health Matters on cold weather and COVID-19 
16th July 2020How seroprevalence is helping us in the fight against COVID-19GOV.UK
30th June 2020Preliminary trial results find antiviral drug lopinavir/ritonavir does not reduce death in hospitalised patients with COVID-19Medical Research Council
5th June 2020Shielding FAQs for the Clinically Extremely VulnerableChelmsford City Council
5th June 2020Shielding Guidance and FAQ’s for the Clinically Extremely VulnerableChelmsford City Council
15th May 2020Coronavirus (COVID-19): Real-time tracking of the virusGOV.UK