In April 2016, it was agreed by SWF Healthcare 2000 Group (SWFHC2000) and SWF Town Council (SWFTC) that a new health & social care group would be formed.

South Woodham Ferrers Health & Social Care Group (SWF H&SCG) is an amalgamation of SWFHC2000 and the SWF Care Lunches.

SWFH&SCG is an independent group with its own governance arrangements as set out below.

Purpose of the Group

SWF H&SCG was established to look after the health and social care interests of the people of South Woodham Ferrers, recognising the roles of health and social care related professionals, volunteers and the Patient Participation Groups.

SWF H&SCG incorporates the SWFHC2000 Task Force, which convene when consultation or representation is required to consider major health and social care issues affecting the Town.

The task force includes representatives from:

  • Essex County Council
  • Chelmsford City Council
  • SWF Town Council
  • SWF Chairs of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)
  • SWF Practice Managers
  • SWF Church Community
  • SWF Pharmacists
  • SWF Dentists
  • SWF Opticians
  • Members of the SWF Business Community
  • SWF Educational establishments
  • SWF Womens Institutes (WIs)
  • SWF Rotary Club
  • SWF Senior Citizens
  • SWF Sports & uniformed groups

Others may be added as needed. The Town’s MP is kept advised of significant developments and is expected to continue to use this group for appropriate constituency purposes.

Each of SWF’s three General Practices has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which interacts with the Practice Staff to try to ensure that the best quality services are provided for their patients. In addition there is a combined group known as the South Woodham Ferrers Combined PPGs (CPPGs).  The CPPGs works closely with SWF H&SCG on matters involving all health and social care services provision for the Town. SWF H&SCG leads on all non-GP services whilst the CPPGs leads on the Town’s GP services. Although individual Practices have their own websites on which PPGs have a page,, they have agreed with SWF H&SCG to use its website for communicating collective issues.  Additionally they will utilise SWF H&CG’s social media to obtain the widest possible coverage. So from time to time you will see PPG news here helping to give an integrated view of health and social care in SWF.


SWF H&SCG is open to anyone who lives, works, has a local need to access health and social care, or is involved in health and social care in SWF.

SWF H&SCG will be managed by a Management Team comprising Chairman, Task Force Chairman and Minute Secretary supported by an Administrator.

There will be an annual meeting open to all, at which the posts of co-Chairmen and Minute Secretary will be elected.

Nomination notices will be issued in the local press 4 weeks prior to the meeting with nominations for office required 2 weeks before the meeting.

The nominations will be addressed to a neutral City Councillor.Nominees must have a proposer and seconder and be willing to serve.

SWF Town Council will assign a representative and/or a deputy to attend meetings and report back as appropriate.

The SWF Town Council representative will also be a member of the Task Force as required.

The Secretary Treasurer will be appointed by the Management Team and he/she will receive an honorarium for the work.

SWFH&SCG will open a bank account, if necessary, and there will be an annual financial statement submitted to SWFTC on a date to be agreed.

SWF H&SCG’s Annual General Meeting will be chaired by a City Councillor.