Action for Family Carers Newsletter

An excellent newsletter from one of the two providers of support to carers in SWF, the other being Carers First.

Content originally from Action for Family Carers

A few words from the CEO…

It is Carers Week this week and the theme this year is Making Carers Visible. We have heard a lot about Carers during the pandemic and there has been the weekly Clap for Carers. That has rightly recognised and celebrated the role of health and care workers. The public may not always acknowledge those other Carers – mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters – who dedicate every day to looking after someone who otherwise wouldn’t manage. So Carers Week is a good time to remind people of the vital role played by unpaid Carers – 180,000 of them in Essex alone.

We will be doing all we can to raise awareness during the week and that includes raising awareness about the support we offer. Many Carers cope alone without accessing support so please help them by sharing messages about our services and others that they can access. We are here to help.

We continue to provide our befriending services, counselling services and Feeling Good Caring well programme including through live and filmed online sessions. We have also sent activity packs to Young Carers and their families and are holding an increasing number of calls using online platforms such as Zoom.

This is a particularly difficult time for many Carers, older people and families and we are dealing with increasing calls from people who are anxious or frustrated by the lockdown and with some health and social care services not running as normal. We are here for you and will do all we can to help; please call 0300 770 80 90 or email

Thank you to all the Carers in Essex and thank you for helping to make them visible.

James Clarke
Chief Executive Officer

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