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COVID-19 immunity study reinforces the need for booster jabs
Research carried out on thousands of healthcare workers has found that immunity from COVID-19 starts to wane six months after getting a second vaccination – reinforcing the need for booster jabs.
What is Long COVID?
Why do some people recover fully from the virus, and others feel unwell for weeks, months or even years after their body has cleared the infection? Post-COVID-19 syndrome, often known as Long COVID, is thought to affect millions of people in the UK. This video explores what we know so far.
New definition for long COVID in childrenResearchers have developed new definitions for what long COVID is and the key effects in children. You can also read our in-depth piece on how Long Covid was discovered
What is Long COVID? And how can research help? Four new studies are searching for the answers.
Four research studies are aiming to improve the understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatment of the longer term effects of COVID-19 in people who have not become unwell enough to be admitted to hospital. 
Latest stories
What do horseshoe bats tell us about the origins of COVID?
A new study has traced the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to horseshoe bats. Research led by the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, in collaboration with a team of international scientists, is tracing the evolution of bat coronaviruses and the phenomenon of virus recombination. 
Has the pandemic changed how much time we spend using screens?
New research warns that screen use significantly increased among adults during the COVID-19 lockdowns and has continued at a high rate since, highlighting the need for Government guidance. 
Testing sewage has helped track COVID – soon it could reveal much more about the UK’s health
What does the sewage we flush away reveal about our health? Through the pandemic, vital information about the spread of the virus has been gained from wastewater. Researchers are now exploring how data from analysing sewage could improve our health.
Two years since lockdown: how UK researchers have dealt with the fallout from COVID
In the two years since the first national lockdown UKRI has funded thousands of new research projects that have also tackled the wider impact of the pandemic. Discover how this work continues to drive recovery in many different aspect of our lives.