Update from SWF Health & Social Care Group

Essex is suffering badly; if we go into Tier 3 for COVID-19, SWF Health & Social Care Group will continue to work collaboratively with the Town’s GPs and Pharmacists. We also answer referrals from the national GoodSAM, Essex Wellbeing & Chelmsford Community Support Services. We’re very concerned at the dramatic rise in cases of this terrible virus in nearby parts of Essex whilst the NHS struggles to continue to cope with all other needs. Thanks to Chelmsford Community Hub/CVS we have emergency resources for the next few months; since 23 March we’ve delivered over 4500 tasks.

The start of roll out of the Covid vaccination is great news; plans are being made for the delivery of this for our area and arrangements will be announced shortly. Some of our over-80s have already had it at a hospital. The future is promising. But when writing this piece the situation in Essex is grim.

We’re providing health & social care support, information and signposting to patients & people in SWF and surrounds who are at risk, isolating & staying at home, and are without a local support network. If you need help or have queries about any local health and social care issues you may find relevant information on our website https://swfhealthsocial.co.uk/ ; if you need help or information please don’t hesitate to contact us on swfhealthsocial@outlook.com . For those without internet access a voicemail can be left on the Chair’s work line 01245 322079 which is monitored daily.

Please Remember; Hands-Face-Space; stay safe, protect our NHS, save lives.