Free Nature-Based Group Therapy for Adults

Content originally from Centre Supporting Voluntary Action

Wilderness Foundation UK is offering FREE places on our new programme called  ‘Brave Futures’; a nature-based group therapy programme set up to support clients who have experienced grief, trauma, addictions, social isolation, anxiety and depression which has affected their mental health and wellbeing.

The programme accommodates three different age groups – Adults, Adolescents and Children*, due to the issues of mental health affecting people of all ages. With our team of expert therapists, we have a style of working that offers activity and fun, whilst mixing in critically important support in therapy, tools and strategies for managing relationships, boundaries, self-care, communication and emotional control.

The ‘Brave Futures’ programme aims to help rebuild coping skills and resilience through nature. We know that helping one vulnerable person find coping mechanisms to help reduce anger and violence and function better, has a big impact on their immediate and often extended family and thus the community they live in.

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