“Help Us Help You”

Content originally from Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership

The NHS is still there for those who need it, and has not closed its doors to non-COVID-19 related patients, but the CPVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a decrease in people accessing NHS services for a range of conditions not related to coronavirus. Locally we are producing a range of videos featuring our own clinicians to help reassure people who have a health need or believe they are at risk of cancer, a heart attack or stroke, parents with a sick child, pregnant women and people with mental health issues to seek support from our local healthcare services. The first is shown by clicking here
Acces the link to hear from a local GP, Dr Alex Shaw from Southend. CCG communications team are working closely with primary care colleagues to help spread these important messages.  You can read more about Help Us Help You on the NHS England website and download resources to support the campaign from Public Health England’s Campaign resource centre (no login required to download COVID-19 materials).