ACL Essex Launches Online Courses

Content originally from The Essex Alliance

ACL Community and Family learning team are launching some online support and services for new and existing learners, in order to help support families with children who are struggling to keep them occupied during the coronavirus outbreak.

From 27 April, they will be offering bite-sized videos and interactive courses online to help you negotiate these tricky times – ranging from craft ideas and how to make playdough together (if you can spare the flour!), to understanding emotional wellbeing, to Maths and English, to parenting and online safety.

Melissa Williamson, who manages the service in Essex jointly with Zoe Mallett, says:

“Going forward we want to provide a listening ear for parents so that they can check in on a weekly basis. The online group environment can provide parents with the opportunity to share ideas with others and bolster their own confidence. A lot of parents are finding it difficult to entertain their children, feel overwhelmed by what they are expected to do on the education side or feel they are failing. Speaking to others can really help.

“The schools are doing amazing work in supporting the children – but supporting parents is our strength. We can guide them through these new circumstances – when they are with their children all day, every day.”

Susan Adamson, who heads up the service, says Essex Family Learning is in a unique position when compared to other online learning providers:

“We already have relationships with the schools, who will be telling parents about us through their newsletters and, as part of the local authority, we have a badge of reliability and safety. We can interact with learners in a very secure way and help them access other support services within ECC if needed.”

For more information, please visit the ACL Essex website.