Focus Letter Issue 931

As I’m sure everyone will appreciate, all the GP Practices and NHS people involved needed to make the decision about when to move to the new Crouch Vale Medical Centre (CVMC) a few weeks beforehand so all the removals and fittings could be planned and in place for the opening. At that stage, in the context also of the opening date for the new superstore, promises and assurances were in place, as they had been for many months in advance, that all the roadworks would be fully completed and crossings fully operational. Also overflow parking in part of the superstore car park had been promised would be available as it was known there would be extra vehicles on site at the start with people setting up and delivering the necessary support services in CVMC.

The fact those provisions were not in place when CVMC first opened was through no fault of any NHS people. NHS representatives and other key Town representatives made robust and relentless efforts to get those things rectified, which they were by the end of the first week. Everyone greatly regrets the difficulties those things caused.

All previous services provided at the old Merchant Street Health Clinic have transferred and are now delivered at CVMC and that includes the Diabetic Eye Screening. This is an occasional service which is delivered in blocks in rotation between several locations so people using this service have a choice to wait until the service is in SWF or if they want or need a more urgent test they will be signposted to the earliest appointments and told of the location.

Yours sincerely

Peter Blackman

Chair, SWF Health & Social Care Group