Future of SWF H&SCG


These are exciting and challenging times in Health & Social Care for the Town.

Your help is needed to monitor and influence the rapid changes that are taking place in an increasingly digital world.

If you’re web literate, enjoy social media and have a few hours in the month to spare WE NEED YOU.

If you’re passionate about obtaining the best NHS Service for our Town and have a little time to spare, WE ALSO NEED YOU.

2019 will bring more health & social care needs for SWF people. Key matters will include: the Town’s new health hub; the impact of Universal Credit; increasing mental health issues; changes to community care; increasing need for residential care; and changes to acute hospital services.

Historically SWF has played an active role in the involvement of patients and public with health & social care. The Patient Participation Groups and the SWF Health & Social Care Group now work closely together to cover all aspects of health & social care for everyone. A small number of volunteers do all this, supported by an administrator who receives a token honorarium.

The volunteers have been doing this for many years, are getting older and have other increasing calls on their time but will continue with help. Our administrator has recently moved.

To keep this going we need ‘new blood’! Specifically:

  • A few volunteers to help keep our involvement about health & social care going; and
  • A new administrator, working with our officers, to:
    • Promote & communicate what we do, know and find out
    • Use our website, social media, e-communications and local media including Focus
    • Use virtual methods
    • Organise activities & events

Give an agreed small number of hours per week, for which we expect the token honorarium to continue.

Amongst others this might suit someone able to work flexible time at home, possibly studying a relevant subject or skills and maybe with an interest in health & social care.

If interested in helping please contact SWF Health & Social Care Group on swfhealthsocial@outlook.com or voicemail 01245 322079.