Public meeting and AGM

As we emerge from the worst of Covid we’re faced by terrible problems with our local NHS and welfare services. What do we need and want from our hospitals and GPs?

Our virtual Public Meeting and AGM is your opportunity to hear what’s going on and have your say about it all.

Andrew Pike, Chief Operating Officer, Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, which runs our three local acute hospitals, will tell us about the present situation, progress being made and plans for further transformation.

We have invited our local GPs to take part, tell us about their situation and their plans for improvements, and the formation of the SWF & Dengie Primary Care Network and what that means for our community health and welfare services.

Towards the end of the virtual meeting you’ll also hear what your Town’s health & care group has been doing during the last year in our brief Annual General Meeting and can tell us what you’d like us to do in the future.  

To book places for this virtual Public Meeting and our brief AGM from 1830-2030 on Thursday 14 July please contact our Administrator Nikki on