Seven-fold increase in Omicron re-infection rates

Content originally from Office for National Statistics

Coronavirus latest insights: 22 June 2022

Today we have published the latest analysis on the characteristics of people testing positive for COVID-19.

It shows an approximately seven-fold increase in re-infection rates since the Omicron variants became dominant, compared with when the Delta variant was most common. 

We also published our latest monthly mortality analysis. In May 2022, COVID-19 was the sixth leading cause of death in England and Wales, down from the third leading cause of death in April 2022. 

While mortality from COVID-19 declined in May 2022, the overall number of deaths registered was higher than the five-year average in both England and Wales.  

OVID-19 infections increased in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the latest week (ending 11 June 2022 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and ending 10 June 2022 for Scotland).

The estimated percentage of the community population that had COVID-19 was:

  • 2.07% in England (1 in 50 people) 
  • 2.13% in Wales (1 in 45 people) 
  • 2.34% in Northern Ireland (1 in 45 people) 
  • 3.36% in Scotland (1 in 30 people)

An estimated 2.0 million people in private households (3.1% of the population) were experiencing self-reported long COVID as of 1 May 2022.

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