Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights

Content originally from Office for National Statistics

Welcome to Monday’s coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights, a roundup of our analysis related to the pandemic.

  • Comparisons of international labour markets over the coronavirus pandemic revealed a sharp fall in employment in North America.
  • This compares with falls in employment in Europe, which were far more contained, it is believed, thanks to job retention schemes.
  • The comparisons also revealed significant movements into inactivity in the UK. 

COVID-19 infections continued to decrease in the latest week in England (week ending 27 May 2022) and Wales, decreased in Scotland and the trend was uncertain in Northern Ireland (week ending 28 May 2022).

The estimated percentage of the community population that had COVID-19 was:

  • 1.44% in England (1 in 70 people) 
  • 1.30% in Wales (1 in 75 people) 
  • 1.33% in Northern Ireland (1 in 75 people) 
  • 2.01% in Scotland (1 in 50 people)

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