SWF Ambulance Station Refurb

A number of people have noticed recently that SWF’s Ambulance Station has seemed to be empty and unused. The Ambulance Service tells us that:

“Over the past month South Woodham Ferrers Ambulance Station has been going through major refurbishment to the external and internal building. As a result ambulances and shifts were moved to another station.

This has now been completed and the station will be back up and running next week.

The contractors have had skips and building materials. To the residents, it probably does look as though we have left but we moved vehicles.

Just to add our private provider has moved off-site as well which is why they have most probably noticed no vehicles parked out front.”

SWFH&SCG is very pleased to hear this as it shows the commitment of our ambulance service to the Town’s station and its long term future. It was getting ‘tired’ having been as originally built so well deserving of full refurbishment.