Tackling the impact of COVID-19

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Two years on: the UK funded research that shaped the pandemic

UKRI has funded some of the major research efforts in the UK and globally, which have helped us get to where we are today. While the pandemic is not over, we reflect on the timeline of UKRI funded research that has shaped the pandemic response.

New data to help cancer researchers understand COVID-19 impact
Data that shows how COVID-19 impacts people with cancer will help researchers develop new services, tests and treatments, and ultimately save lives.

UK-Japanese collaboration to address pandemic challenges
ESRC, AHRC and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) have jointly awarded 10 collaborative research projects. These projects will focus on supporting global efforts to manage the effects of the pandemic. Each project team will involve researchers from both countries who have chosen to collaborate in areas of mutual strength and joint interest.


What is a virus variant?

As COVID-19 crossed borders and took root around the world, it wasn’t a matter of IF the virus causing it would mutate — it was when. But how do variants come about, and how do we know which ones to worry about? This video explains.

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Blog – Azra Ghani. Modelling a pandemic: an insider’s view

Two years ago, infectious disease modelling was thrust into the spotlight as a pandemic rapidly spread across the world. But what was it like to live through it? Professor Azra Ghani explains.

Twitter – Research in the face of adversity
Reflecting on the research and innovation that shaped the pandemic, take a look at a snapshot of the incredible  projects have achieved in addressing the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Facebook – £554m spent and more than 3,300 projects 
Since the first national lockdown, UKRI has funded thousands of new research projects that have also tackled the wider impact of the pandemic. Our infographic highlights just some of the ways our funding has helped.

Medium – COVID-19 linked to a reduction in brain size, and six other research findings

A University of Oxford study has found that COVID-19 infection is linked to changes to the structure of the brain, including a reduction of brain size and cognitive decline.

Medium – The story of Long COVID
This article explains how the REACT and PHOSP studies uncovered the phenomenon of Long COVID — and looks at how we can help those still suffering the aftereffects of COVID-19.