Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights 06.04.22

Welcome to Wednesday’s coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights, a roundup of our analysis related to the pandemic.

The percentage of adults that had coronavirus (COVID-19) antibodies in the week beginning 14 March 2022, remained high in all UK nations:

  • England and Wales – 98.8% of the adult population were estimated to have COVID-19 antibodies above a threshold of 179 nanograms per millilitre.
  • Northern Ireland – 99.0% of adults had antibodies
  • Scotland – 98.9%

Children across the UK:

  • Aged 12 to 15 years – from 95.9% to 97.2%
  • Aged 8 to 11 years – from 76.6% to 85.3%

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the coronavirus pandemic caused a larger impact on household spending in the UK than the 2008 financial crisis.

Unprecedented public health measures during the pandemic caused an uneven fall in spending on goods and services, mostly in restaurants, hotels and transport services.

Also published today was a piece on UK passengers’ experience of how easy overseas travel restrictions were. Most (85%) returning from abroad found it “easy” or “very easy” to follow the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in the country they had visited. 

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