UK Research and Innovation – tackling the impact of Covid-19

Content originally from UKRI

UKRI plays a key role in convening and catalysing efforts to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, supporting hundreds of projects addressing the challenges. This is a collective endeavour, built on the strength of the UK’s world-class research base and the long-term support from our councils.

These include major breakthroughs such as finding a vaccine, accelerating the UK’s vaccine manufacturing capacity, and identifying the world’s first treatments for COVID-19 patients.

We’ve invested over £554 million in a diverse range of over 3,600 new COVID-19 research and innovation initiatives in the UK and globally. These awards are in addition to the many active research projects repurposed to tackle COVID-19 and our longstanding investments in institutes, centres and units, many of which are on the frontline of COVID-19 research. Our funded projects range from investigating mental health issues to economic and environmental impacts, as well as helping innovative businesses through these tough times.

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