Ramadan and COVID-19 vaccination posters and social media cards

Content originally from Public Health England

As the month of Ramadan is approaching and lock-down begins easing, the Muslim community will want to start to reunite to celebrate this Holy month. These posters are a reminder to continue to practice social distancing, wearing a mask and avoiding crowded gatherings in order to continue protecting themselves and their families from COVID-19. It also explains that for most Muslims, it is permitted to have their COVID-19 vaccinations, if they are called to do so during the fasting period.

It is hoped that they will be widely used in retail, food outlets, religious settings, high street locations, hairdresser, barber and beauty shops, vaccination centres and transport settings such as train stations and cab offices.

We have published a set of three posters and they are available to order (free service) now as paper copies. Now available on .GOV.UK they have been published on the Health Publications website (links below).

COVID-19 vaccination and Ramadan collage poster A  product code: COV2020606A

COVID-19 vaccination and Ramadan poster B product code: COV2020606B 

COVID-19 vaccination and Ramadan poster C product code: COV2020606C