Public Health Research and Science Conference 2021

Content originally from Public Health England

The Public Health England (PHE) Public Health Research and Science Conference 2021 will focus on the application of scientific methods to protect and improve health, including responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of this conference is to highlight the excellent quality and innovative science that is enabling effective public health practice and services nationally and globally – and will continue to do so into the future. The conference will enable the sharing of good practice through stimulating and engaging presentations and participation. The focus will be on the application of scientific methods among the public health sector and researchers in universities or other institutes, nationally and globally. A special feature will be brief oral presentations by early career researchers.

Aims and objectives

The key aims of the conference are to:

  • highlight challenge and achievement in public health science
  • support the development of public health scientific capacity and skills
  • raise the profile of the standards being achieved in research and scientific activity and celebrate scientific excellence
  • support the development of research collaborations provide opportunities for trainees and early career scientists to present their work with academic rigour and receive knowledgeable feedback
  • support communication and mobilization of research findings
Who should attend

There is no registration fee to attend the 2021 conference. Registration covers attendance across all days, with flexibility for participants to attend as much or as little as they wish. This year there is no requirement to pre-select attendance at specific sessions.

The conference is aimed at scientists, analysts and public health clinicians in any of many different and diverse roles, whether very senior or early career. People working in public health organisations, universities, local authorities and other organisations with an interest in providing or using evidence through robust public health science. Members of NIHR Health Protection Research Units, School for Public Health Research, Applied Research Collaborations or other research organisations would be particularly relevant.

Accessing the conference online

Delivery will be via Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Events.

Details on how to access the conference will be sent in advance, to all who have registered before the booking deadline of 23:59 on Wednesday 19 May.

Please ensure that emails from the conference organisers ( are not considered as spam by your email provider.