Response to post : COVID-19 immunisation programme roll out across mid and south Essex

We thought it would be useful to post our response to a comment on the article from Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership, found here


Thank you for the information and I fully understand the logistical nightmare in rolling out the programme of vaccinations. However, can someone tell me why, I, as an extremely clinically vulnerable person, have to take my Mum, who is 87, to an appointment, that is a journey from South Woodham Ferrers? We have a very large medical facility, within the town, also an empty old Clinic building, yet our nearest facility for vaccinations appears to be Danbury. Yes, I can take my Mum to Basildon Hospital but considering Basildon has one of the highest Covid infection rates in England, why would I put us both at risk? Please will someone in authority answer my question. Thank you.

Our response:

Unfortunately there’s a limited supply of the vaccine so it is being rolled out in order of the priorities set by the independent vaccines authority. Hospitals from most areas were first. Basildon is being used for our group of three acute hospitals’ eligible patients. Groups of GPs (Primary Care Networks) get them in order of number of their registered patients in the priority categories. Danbury had most and Maldon second most. Our turn will come. It’s by invitation and appointment. SWF people’s turns will come; if you live in SWF and are with a hospital consultant you may get an earlier invitation than waiting for one from your GP and best to take it if you can. All vaccination centres are Covid regulated and safe. Expect you’ll travel by car. SWF with 124 cases in week ended 22 December (over double in the previous week) is hardly less risky than Basildon; it’s 889.5 cases per 100k in SWF North. Hope that answers your questions. The decisions about all this are being made at national level. Local health and welfare authorities are not responsible for the decisions, just for organising schemes when told to do so.