Student and Career Support Project – Summer 2020

Terribly sorry for the angst with ‘A’ Level Results. If you’re in SWF and surrounds, have or want a place at Uni or College to study health, social care and wellbeing related subjects, or you’re starting or wanting to start a career in those subjects: 

We’re offering a ‘bubble’ for you. It’s open to anyone 18 years old and above, including those already taking University and College courses, those leaving Universities and Colleges this Summer and those in mid-career (no upper age limit).  


  • Keep you informed of relevant local developments, including national developments that impact on or apply to us locally,  
  • Provide mutual support, and 
  • Provide a weekly one hour Zoom meeting for discussion about subjects of interest and relevance; we might be able to attract a few local expert guests to join us.  

This will run from now until the end of September 2020 when we’ll review this and consider any potential development of it. If you are interested in this please contact our Administrator Nikki by email at: .