An update from our hospitals

Content originally from Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Welcome to the latest edition of our Trust stakeholder bulletin. This issue features further updates on how we are restarting services following the COVID-19 surge. We also include a round-up of good news stories from across our hospitals.Please stay safe while enjoying the good weather
Restarting time-critical and urgent treatment
To ensure we can keep staff and patients safe as we reset services across our hospitals, we are following a three-phase process in response to COVID-19, in line with the wider NHS. These phases are:
Phase 1 – Making the immediate changes required to respond to the COVID-19 surge.
Phase 2 – Taking action to restore time-critical and urgent non-COVID-19 care such as cancer services.
Phase 3 – Wider reset of our services to offer greater levels of non-COVID-19 care safely while maintaining our ability to respond to future waves of COVID-19 infection.

We are now at phase 2 of this process and taking steps to restart all time-critical and urgent treatment as far as possible. This involves making a number of changes to how and where we deliver certain types of care.  
We have two key aims from this work; firstly to restart as much time-critical and urgent care as possible whilst minimising the risk of COVID-19 spread and secondly optimising care for those patients most seriously ill from COVID-19, based on learning emerging from the first wave of the virus.
1. Restarting as much critical and time urgent care as possible
We are moving non-COVID-19 services away from the main hospital sites to try and physically separate this care from COVID-19 care, thereby minimising the risk of transmission between patients or between staff and patients.             
Alongside the physical separation of care, we have also introduced a number of other changes to help minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to improve patient confidence. These include:
The routine testing of all patients attending hospital for surgeryThe introduction of face coverings within all of our buildings (from 15 June) in line with the guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care
Alongside these changes we are continuing with the temporary service improvements we made in preparation for winter 2019/2020 such as the consolidation of cardiology patients from Mid Essex to Basildon Hospital. These will be kept under review and will be subject to further engagement in due course.
2. Optimising care for those patients who are most seriously ill from COVID-19
We are also taking steps to try and improve the way we care for those who are most seriously ill from COVID-19 based on both our own learning and that seen nationally and internationally.
The first step in this process is consolidating care for patients suffering from COVID-19 who require mechanical ventilation at a new Specialist Essex Critical Care Hub which is being established at Basildon Hospital. This will allow us to draw COVID-19 patients from our three core intensive care units (Southend, Broomfield and Basildon).
The reason Basildon has been chosen is because of its capacity to deliver large amounts of oxygen to significant numbers of patients at the same time.
These changes will optimise outcomes for patients and allow as much non-COVID care as possible for the 1.2million residents we serve across mid and south Essex.

News round-up from across our hospitals
Pride picnic celebrations
A series of celebratory Pride picnics took place earlier today across our three hospitals in Basildon, Southend and Broomfield and the Mayors from Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford attended to show their support.
The picnics were organised by our Inclusion Network to commemorate Pride season which has, like many events, been greatly affected by COVID-19 lockdown measures. The pandemic resulted in Pride month (June) celebrations across the UK being cancelled or reorganised as virtual celebrations.
We still wanted to commemorate the day and to remember the many that have been pivotal to the Pride movement, especially with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots being a few days later.
In order to maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe, all three picnics were held outdoors on grassy areas. Participants were provided with Pride flags to sit on during their breaks and a Pride board was available for staff to write their own personal messages as to what Pride means to them.

Keeping connected with learning disability patients during COVID-19
Last week (15-21 June) was Learning Disability Week and the focus this year was the importance of friendships during lockdown. COVID-19 has been a time of continuous concern and change for all of us, but our Learning Disability Team has been reaching out to carers and people with disabilities over the phone, to have a friendly chat to keep in touch and answer any concerns. Click here to read full story. 

Why not join our Council of Governors?
The elections to the public and staff positions on the MSEFT Council of Governors (COG) starts on 1 July with the opening of nominations and concludes on 16 September with the announcement of results. Voting will take place electronically and by post from 19 August. We plan to hold the induction during the last two weeks in September so that the new COG can formally come into place on 1 October. For more information please email