Think of our Own

At present many of us have time for reflection. We’re well aware of the tragic national and international situation. It’s great to hear the SWF Thursday evening clap for the NHS and Carers.

Hope it’s ok to suggest we should also think of our own. SWF has people, families, homes, businesses and organisations who have been terribly affected. So perhaps we can give thoughts (and prayers if so inclined) for those in and connected with SWF who won’t be with us when we start to emerge from lockdown, those bereaved who haven’t had opportunities for the usual goodbyes, those who have been ill with Coronavirus very badly, moderately or mildly and other life threatening conditions, all who have had family, friends and colleagues taken ill, and all the selfless people in the NHS, care givers and essential workers who have kept everything going. We are so grateful to all our GP Practices and community health and welfare providers at Crouch Vale Medical Centre, the hospitals treating our people and others delivering welfare support to us all, along with our Pharmacists, ambulance service, police, fire & rescue and all emergency services, supermarkets, retailers, the SWF branch of Chelmsford’s Foodbank and others continuing to deliver essential services. Behind the scenes the Essex Welfare Service and Chelmsford Community Hub are ensuring many isolated residents without local support networks get the help they need. Apologies not to be able to list everyone but we know who you are and are extremely grateful. We think of you all when we’re out at 8pm on Thursdays.

We will continue to show our appreciation by staying home, observing the social isolation and distancing instructions and ensuring those for whom we are responsible do likewise. That will protect our NHS, save lives and enable us to move on as soon as it’s safe to do so. Stay safe; best wishes.