Apologies for the Radio Silence

At SWF Health & Social Care, we would like to apologise for the lack of new content being sent at a time when it is key for us to be present and keeping you informed.

As a small team, we are limited on time and this has not been helped by the increased workload due to coronavirus as well as (unrelated) illnesses.

We are now back on track, and are working with The Essex Map, and thereby Essex County Council, to keep you informed of what is available within our area.

As part of this work, we would like to encourage any business that is still operational, any individual volunteering their time to provide assistance, and anyone who is providing activities and home school help to register their details on The Essex Map – this free tool aims to bring us all closer together as a community, at a time when we could easily be isolated.

If you have any particular issues which you would like us to focus on at this time, please email us at swfhealthsocial@outlook.com