Making more offenders answerable to their victims

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Spotlight on our Restorative Justice programme

Three and a half years ago, you asked us to crack down on anti-social behaviour.
We have reduced the number of recorded anti-social behaviour incidents by more than 8,000 (16 per cent). Highlights include:

  • investment in council-led Community Safety Partnerships to tackle local problems
  • extra enforcement powers extended to 350 people from 40 organisations to crack down on anti-social behaviour
  • making more offenders answerable to their victims through the Restorative Justice programme
  • providing the funding for more local policing, more community policing, Town Centre Teams and more rural policing

We are delivering against our priority in our Police & Crime Plan to crack down on anti-social behaviour. Here we look at the powerful impact our Essex Restorative & Mediation Service has on people’s lives…

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