Keep-fit home carers hit the road after bosses buy new bikes to help reach patients

Content originally from Braintree & Witham Times

A PAIR of carers have been given brand new bikes as part of an initiative to reach more patients while keeping fit.

Bluebell Homecare, based in South Woodham Ferrers, bought the Viking Belgravia ladies’ bikes for two employees last week.

Company owner Samantha Tomlin says it will help her staff become more mobile.

“The two carers do not drive and were finding it hard to find work.

“Lacey and Natalie were both eager to work in the community so we have purchased the bikes and gave them both jobs.

“We drove them from house to house for a couple of months, when they both started talking about getting fit.

“With this in mind, my business partner and I came up with this idea of them having a bike to cycle from house to house.

“Both girls were very happy and grateful. This also means that they can have full-time hours.

“The bikes have given them the independence they need until they can save and take driving lessons.

“Travelling around the South Woodham area by bike is a lot easier than by car, especially in the morning as it can get very congested.

“This also means the carers will not be late for the clients and the clients will be getting out of bed at times that are good for them.”

Company owner Samantha Tomlin

“I am so thankful to Sam and Sue for going out and getting the company bikes.

“Now I’m able to get to house to house without relying on others to take me, which also means I can work full-time and earn more money.

“I’m also very excited to get my fitness level up while doing the job I love to do.

“I can get to the clients on time, which is very important to them. I have never been a part of such a great team as Bluebell Homecare.”

Lacey Llewellyn, 20, of South Woodham Ferrers

“I feel privileged to be a part of a company that cares so much – they know it is taking me a while to get my driving licence.

“Not many companies would do this for the carers and if you don’t drive it is so hard to get the job you love to do. Now this means I have more independence in my role and can get around easily and quickly.

“I am so grateful for Sam and Sue and I also cannot wait to get fit again.”

Natalie Perry, 26, of Burnham

The bikes were bought from South Woodham Motor Spares and Cycles, who provided a generous discount.