Livewell Chelmsford Update

SWF Health & Social Care groups are members of Livewell Chelmsford, and would like to provide the following update having contributed to the Chelmsford Health & Wellbeing Plan.

Health and Wellbeing Priorities

The five-key health and wellbeing priorities identified for Chelmsford include:

  1. Reduce excess weight and obesity and increase physical activity in adults and children
  2. Alleviate loneliness and social isolation
  3. Improve poor housing including fuel poverty and thermal comfort
  4. Enabling people to agewell in Chelmsford
  5. Reduce alcohol, substance misuse and behavioural addictions (including supply of illegal substances).

Key Documents

The next Livewell Chelmsford meeting is on Tuesday 21 January and we will welcome any comments, views, ideas and suggestions about anything in these important documents.