Relaunch of SWF Health & Social Care Group

As discussed at our 2019 AGM we have been working on a new approach for the work and activities of this Group. We’re delighted to welcome Emma Wardall as our new Administrator. Many thanks to her for revamping things.

So we’re pleased to launch our new website and our refreshed social media on Facebook and Twitter. Please do follow us and keep an eye on our website for latest news items. All the presentations and reports from our 2019 AGM and Public Meeting are on our website. All the other information on the website has been brought up to date too.

Inevitably most of our attention and work in the last six months has centred on the new Crouch Vale Medical Centre. The latest edition of the FAQs about this is the top item in the Medical Centre section on our website. We did write in Focus and the Town’s social media whenever we had news about the developments. We have constantly reflected the concerns that the new Centre is in the wrong place and has accessibility and transport problems. But the decisions about this were taken years ago despite our representations then, along with those of others. So we have done our utmost to get the best of a bad job. The Town now has the most modern such centre in the country but in the wrong place, the roadworks are finally finished and car park fully open. We continue to lobby about the informal road crossings, bus routes and bus stops. We also advocate some sort of health and social care presence in the Town centre.

Plenty of other relevant items are in the News section of our website and there’s a large section of Useful Links to various helpful information. In the New Year we will start sending out regular e-newsletters.

Today regular public meetings do not attract the attendance they did in the past. So we will always hold an AGM and public meeting. Otherwise we will hold public meetings for specific consultations or purposes. We will continue to address health and social care issues of timely or specific interest in other ways. For instance we will constantly gather and publish information about topical issues and also trial ways of discussing such matters using virtual technology.

If there are any health and social care subjects you would like explored please let us know, preferably by email to

With all best wishes for a Very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year

Peter, David, Jackie & Emma
The SWF Health & Social Group Team