Child/Teen Health Meeting

SWF H&SCG held a public meeting to discuss childrens’ and young peoples’ health in SWF.

  • 15th May 2017

SWF is a town full of infants, children and young people. We’re told there is great interest in the health and social care services for under 18s.

  • How healthy are SWF’s children? Are they cared for?
  • What support do you need and want if you’re a teenager?
  • What health and care services do parents want for children, and to help with parenthood?

Senior speakers told us about local health and social care services for 0-18 year olds, including:

  • The new emotional well-being & mental health service for young people
  • The new contract for social care services for under 18s
  • The clinical physical health of infants, children and teenagers
  • The new arrangements for the Chetwood Children’s & Family Centre

Key documents: