Volunteers recognised

On Friday 20 March, the GPs at Crouch Vale Medical Centre approached SWF Health & Social Care Group and asked us to work with them and the pharmacists to deliver the necessary health & social care support to shielding and isolating patients and people in SWF. This was expected mainly to involve delivery of medications as demand for that was expected to increase a lot in excess of the normal capabilities. By Monday 23 March 2020 we had agreed an appropriate system for this and, to date, we have completed over 2600 tasks in SWF and its surrounds.

The range of tasks extended beyond medication delivery as we have also provided support to people with non-COVID-19 life threatening and other situations such as strokes, heart attacks, traumas; people from elsewhere in Essex who found out about us and had been unable to speak to others; providing initial assessments of residents disturbed by lockdown; providing end of life support; arranging packages of health & welfare support; checking on the well-being of seriously ill people; supporting and arranging support packages for bereaved people and supporting and liaising with the SWF Foodbank and other welfare organisations in the Town.

None of this would have been possible without the help and dedication of a small group of volunteers. The current volunteers received letters of commendation and a specially designed Community Volunteer (CV) pin recognising their essential volunteering as part of the SWF Health & Social Care Team. The commendations come from Councillor Jude Deakin, Mayor of Chelmsford 2020-2021; Mrs Philip Tolhurst, Lord-Lieutenant of Essex; and Chelmsford CVS (Centre Supporting Voluntary Action.)

Peter Blackman, Chairman of SWF Health & Social Care Group, receiving his letter and pin from Councillor Jude Deakin, Mayor of Chelmsford (Please note: this happened on the hottest day of the year and he was summoned to attend in the midday sun, hence the casual outfit).

Photos of some of our volunteers receiving their letters, from Top Left: Andy, Ali and Bob, Debbie, Dida, Gill, Julie, Sheila and Sue.

Thank you to Brenda, Janet, Lorraine and Vikki who have also given their time to volunteering and helping the SWF community.