An update from our hospitals

Please note: We have asked for information about the formation of and election to the new Council of Governors and how the constituency for Mid Essex will be formed as Mid Essex Hospital Services was not a Foundation Trust and didn’t have a Council of Governors.

Content originally from Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

We are caring for 64 patients across our sites today who have confirmed Covid-19.

We’re resuming planned care
As Covid-19 cases continue to reduce across mid and south Essex, we are now pleased to be able to re-start our elective care services across the Trust so that our patients can receive the care they need.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like it to be, this will not be a business as usual service. Some patients are going to face very long waits as we work at pace to clear the backlog. We must also have in our minds the potential of a second wave or “surge” and ensure we are able to react accordingly.

We fully understand the anxiety a delayed appointment may cause to patients. With this in mind we are closely monitoring and reviewing lists to ensure patients do not come to harm. 

Please be assured that we will be prioritising the most clinically urgent cases alongside managing the constraints around a reduced workforce due to COVID-19 and our ITU capacity. 

Retaining public confidence and trust in the NHS is vital over the coming months and our political and community leaders can play a huge part in reassuring the public that every step possible is being taken to manage the virus as we safely bring back services that had to be paused. 
New ways of working
Over the course of the pandemic we have seen greater collaborative working across our local health and care system. This has involved the acute sector, the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and primary and social care in mid and south Essex working ever more closely. This has helped with the provision of care during this challenging time and opened up opportunities for joined-up service developments such as system-wide clinical leadership overseeing new pathways for patients.

New government guidance on face masks and coverings 
New government guidance states that from Monday 15 June all NHS staff, outpatients and visitors must wear face coverings on hospital sites including communal and public areas.

All staff must wear type I or II face masks at all times when not otherwise required to use PPE.
Covid-19 testing available for all MSE hospital staff
Following a successful pilot at Basildon Hospital, we have started Covid-19 testing for all staff across our three hospitals. This will increase resilience and help our staff to return to work where it is appropriate and safe for them to do so.
The test will indicate whether someone has had the virus – but it’s important to remember that our staff will still have to observe all the normal guidance, as there is no clear evidence that they will be immune from either catching the virus again, or from passing it on.
The testing is part of a national research project and will give Public Health England a better understanding of how many people across the country have already had the virus.

Why not join our Council of Governors?
The elections to the public and staff positions on the MSEFT Council of Governors (COG) starts on 1 July with the opening of nominations and concludes on 16 September with the announcement of results. Voting will take place electronically and by post from 19 August. We plan to hold the induction during the last two weeks in September so that the new COG can formally come into place on 1 October. For more information please email

Covid-19 survivor who fought for his lifeWhen told he had to go onto a ventilator, Pastor Peter Nembhard, 52, of Grays, thought he was going to die after he was admitted to Basildon Hospital with Coronavirus. 
Read his story of survival here.

Donations to our hospital
Our local communities have been so generous in their support and we are incredibly grateful. The Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity has launched an emergency appeal to support the health and wellbeing of patients and staff.
Donations can be made via:
Offers of goods or services can be directed to: